Our Team


Our mixologist and bartenders make it their duty to offer you unique, sophisticated and delicious cocktails. Committed to creating new recipes, they make it their mission to keep an active cocktail menu and changing the menu often. They will receive you at the bar. Let our enthusiasts introduce you to their universe.


Our servers, passionate about hospitality and service, will be happy to recommend dishes to suit your tastes, or guide you in wine and food pairing. At Nikkei we make it our duty to train our team on each of the products offered in our establishment. Let our service team be there to guide you through this unique culinary journey offered by Nikkei MTL.


Our kitchen staff goes through an intensive training on Nikkei cuisine in order to offer impeccable dishes. Using the know-how of both japanese and peruvian culinary traditions, they make unique dishes. Through the research, assembly and transformation of fresh foods, their combined experience contributes to creating this exquisite culinary fusion without equal.